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Re: Discussion of Spirituality from an Aikido Perspective.

Hey Keith, good idea for a thread, especially with your parameters for it set out.

I like it. I will definitely contribute to this one but better limit myself or I'll be hogging all the space,

I will start with an example of your first definition, true self. This is more to do with HOW I was taught. Not long after starting, (thus not after a wait of twenty years) I would try a technique on my teacher and he would go down if technically correct. On the second attempt he would remain unmoved.

His explanation would always be the first was him connected to my body but the second was him connected to me.

He would then go on to say the true me has to do it now for it to work on him. Thus started what was for me a great adventure.

Thereafter each time I got stuck he would observe and merely point to what was out. He may say 'no one point' or 'no circle' or many things in such a simple manner and leave me to get on with it trying to discover what new level of one point or such he was now talking about. However, when I would be confidently trying to do a technique on him unsuccessfully and he would say'that's your body' or on other occasions would say 'that's your mind' then those times were stunners and often. For to me how could he know? How could he see what even I was sure wasn't the case. Yet each and every time I finally found myself there he would be on the floor, now saying 'very good'.

Thus I gradually discovered more and more the quiet, silent me of no mind and no body. So many things came from this which helped in life. For instance the realization through doing such discipline that a basic simplicity was that of the true me just being willing to be there and be with and that ability helps in all walks of life.

It showed me that arguing with some one in life or even thinking too much and worrying in situations in life was me bringing in the mind to face the situation and in fact was merely a way of me avoiding being there and being with. How can you communicate well or view properly and calmly and bring about a good or better solution when you are not even there?

Anyway, enough from me.

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