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Discussion of Spirituality from an Aikido Perspective.

I am interested to hear peoples perspectives on the spiritual aspects of Aikido. Specifically in how they see Aikido working for them practically as a tool for spiritual development.

For the purpose of the discussion we will borrow a couple of definitions to reduce the likely hood of semantic debates.
Define spirituality as:

"the search for connection with one's true self and a core reality that gives value and meaning to life" Andrew Canale, The cry of the desperate, (

"a state of interconnectedness with the Other - the divine, the self, the human, the natural, or any combination thereof - resulting in a state of security with a sense of worthful purpose" Caleb Rosado, What is spirituality? Memetics, Quantum Mechanics, and the spiral of spirituality (

Obviously I have some clear opinions of my own, but I'll chime in if people are interested in the discussion of the topic. If possible I'd like to avoid quoting O'Sensei, I am more interested in peoples individuals perspectives, not interested in a 'quotation debate', and if you feel spirituality doesn't have a place in your Aikido practice, there is no need to post !!


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