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Re: Spiritual Power

Firstly thank you for starting an interesting thread.

The background to this conversation seems to be in part from a disagreement as to the origins of Ueshiba power.

I think it is critical that we are clear in the distinction between the physical skills he possessed and the spiritual awareness he was renowned for. Nobody in their right mind would deny that much/most of Ueshiba's physical martial skills came from Daito Ryu. Also I doubt anybody would question that the ongoing spiritual training enhanced his understanding. Aikido is a blending of these two reference points. Is it really necessary to argue which is more significant. From my point of view they are both equally important to Aikido in its entirety. There is little doubt in my mind that the spiritual aspects of Aikido and the physical aspects go hand in hand and both are worse off without the other. They are not mutually exclusive, not the contrary from an Aikido perspective they are dependent upon one another.


Enjoy the journey
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