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Thanks for the link. I would not be able to say whether osensei's skills is poorer by Sagawa or daitoryu's standard and probably not many could say that save for the two gentlemen themselves. However historically osensei's teacher held him I high regard, using him much as osensei himself used tohei. Thus one could safely say that DR opinions aside osensei was a good exponent. Good enough to impress a whole lot of people outside too.

Now with regards the outreaching influence of an art deemed to be a key element for world harmony, aiki through DR has been slow to spread. The art itself was very much held in obscurity until Aikido created waves across the globe. That maybe because of various coincidental factors, but truly it is an art seen to be incongruent to our soul searching. An art that fosters a feeling of mutual development, an art that could be explored and entices people who generally would have shunned such martial practice. That in itself speaks volumes to Aikido's far reaching ability to propagate harmony.

The reason why I think that osensei firmly believed in a higher level of aiki, one that comes closer to the unification with God is because that was what he actually revealed I his last three days on earth to his students. Yet of the 100s of senior yudansha's invited to here his 'secret', almost none stayed till the third day. Most of them dismissed his ramblings as that of a crazy old man.

Here was a man on his death bed, physically weaker than at any time save in his infancy, yet was still able to throw his students even more strongly than when he was fit as a fiddle. He also mentioned to some close senior students how he is unable to convince the vast majority of his Japanese students on the source of all power coming from God and to surrender to Him was the ultimate takemusu aiki. No one believed him then, no one believed him now.

Man can only the fruit of his labour and can only value things he can explain. The mysterious and the enigmatic is now very much a sitting target for every rational and scientific inquest. Faith is fleeting.

I believe that that is not a problem at all. Every person here need to make their own way towards understanding. And learning aiki from the more 'earthly' form is a decent beginning. At least for me it is. I think we will go through that path and for some of us, may even try to glean a deeper understanding. You have to start somewhere. And the most important thing, is to keep having an open mind. A lot of people ridiculed IP some years back until they got shown first hand on it's truth. Nowadays people hold on to it like it's gospel. Who is to say, that it's going to be any different with the more spiritual aspect?

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