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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

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Dan, my intention is not to put words into your mouth, so sorry if that is how it came across. I understand that you haven't said it directly, how I have distilled it, but I'd maintain that the sentiment that you give here on Aikiweb is consistent with this distillation. It seems to me even what you appear to be stating here is consistent with that line of thinking. That is: without power Aikido (presumably physical - tangible demonstrable power) cannot be recognized as a true budo. 'Some practices are just not budo' and 'won't be taken seriously as such'. I agree wholeheartedly, but I also go one step further and feel that the spiritual ideology inherent in Aikido that came from Oomoto, Kototama, and other sources are important if you want to study Aikido as a whole in the way it was intended to be. And that these aspects are just as critical to the whole as the physical components.
I agree whole heartedly, Keith. Keep in mind I did not start the thread to discuss the whole of aikido. It is called Aikido: Discussions of power. There is no physical power in the kotodama for Budo.
They can't even agree who knows what kotodama is. I recall a recent exchange/review of one fellows work that spanned twenty years being dismissed as weak and poorly researched. I avoid discussions of kotodama as I believe it is about as productive as getting in the middle of a debate with Catholics, Baptists and Pentecostals about the Bible and the tenets of the faith. Included in that being the re-writes and overwriting of personal beliefs onto an otherwise established faith.
You can of course research the understanding of where and how Asians drew correlations between their cosmology and their physical understanding, and run headlong into researchers with all sorts of opinions and no physical power or ability to neutralize anything meaningful or control even a whisper of real force. So where is the purpose in arguing the depth of a Westerners understanding of an archaic Asian belief system when both Asian and Westerners are unable to demonstrate their "understanding" in any meaningful way in the realm of Budo, the point of the discussion.

You are correct that myself and others, can help with the physical aspects that will give Aikido-ka a much better understanding of in yo ho that their founder purseud. my interest. I also think that will give them a better foundation for understanding the cosmology he referred to in his writings.
Example again
"Aiki is the mysterious action of "kotodama" ("word souls"). "Kotodama" is the understanding of the spirit and the body through Ichirei Shikon Sangen Hachiriki."
Ueshiba described the "Hachiriki" as an active force, a quiet force, a pulling force, a loosening force, a splitting force, a combining force, a melting force and a congealing force (you can see that each "in" force has a matching "yo" force).
And here we see a similar use to desribing force to the ICMA discussions of Jins. Interestingly Ueshiba also uses the equal to the word/idea of intent infused movement.


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