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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

Dan, my intention is not to put words into your mouth, so sorry if that is how it came across. I understand that you haven't said it directly, how I have distilled it, but I'd maintain that the sentiment that you give here on Aikiweb is consistent with this distillation. It seems to me even what you appear to be stating here is consistent with that line of thinking. That is: without power Aikido (presumably physical - tangible demonstrable power) cannot be recognized as a true budo. 'Some practices are just not budo' and 'won't be taken seriously as such'. I agree wholeheartedly, but I also go one step further and feel that the spiritual ideology inherent in Aikido that came from Oomoto, Kototama, and other sources are important if you want to study Aikido as a whole in the way it was intended to be. And that these aspects are just as critical to the whole as the physical components.

For example:
I take something from 'A' and something from 'B' mix them up producing 'C'. I now teach you 'C'. Do you have everything contained within the original forms of 'A' & 'B'? - Nope, at best you get 'C' which holds something of A&B but also loses something in the translation.

The original 'C' I have holds everything from 'A' and 'B' within it, but the 'C' you have does not. Now if I taught you 'A' and 'B' and let you mix them up yourself then maybe you would get something closer to my 'C'. (note Inoue)

But that didn't happen I taught you 'C' not 'AB', you can look and can see the difference. In this way it becomes natural that people wanting the real 'C' try to search back to the sources, and/or add a little 'D' and 'E' in an attempt to synthesize a closer to original 'C'. With each generation the mix changes a little and it slowly drifts away from the original. It is impossible to replicate the formula to perfectly make a copy of the original.

(replace A - daito ryu, B - spiritual enlightenment, C - Aikido)

Dan if you feel you have the special ingredient to give 'C' back its martial potency that is wonderful, provided it still does the other things it says on the tin.

Enjoy the journey
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