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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

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Unless either of you can make a credible argument and witness for kotodama producing real power- can you move your off topic discussion elsewhere please.
Greg it appears you agree it doesn' why are we discussing it still?
In my "My Past Way of Budo" by Nakazono in the chapter entitled "About Power" Nakazono discusses occurrences of unusual powers, Kiai causing unusual supernatural disturbances.

However I think Dan is perfectly correct, discussions of "power" from the perspective of kototama and other spiritual practices is why off the mark. The objective of such practices is not in trying to gain special powers, it is a search for an absolute truth, it has nothing to do with domination over others. The objective, in part, aiming to reduce the dichotomy of self and other, as such anything which may bolster of ego is rejected.

"Seeking to be superior is a mistake right from the start. If you get it, it will destroy you. It is twisted, unbalanced vibration for human life; not the pure, final power." (My Past Way of Budo, About Power, Nakazono)

Quite obviously O'Sensei knew this too. Dan is making an argument that you need to have proven abilities, talk the talk, walk the walk. Fair enough. Personally I don't have a problem with searching for power and abilities, within themselves.

However, just as Dan suggests that seeking the spiritual aspects within Aikido without having tangible physical abilities is lacking and boarder line useless, I would argue that having only the physical abilities without a proven ability to demonstrate a greater understanding of the metaphysical aspects is equally lacking and boarder line useless.


Enjoy the journey
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