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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
You didn't rattle my cage, Greg. You'd have to try a lot harder than that. Besides, I know where you live.
Yeah, but you cannot afford to drive here anymore, remember

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
1. I really would rather have seen all the kotodama posts in their own thread. I think it deserved its own and this one kept to the discussion of Ueshiba and power.
Come on, get real - thread drift is the mainstay here at Aikiweb

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
2. Did you really have to go and entice certain people to post? If you ignore certain things, IMO, it makes a thread better.
Just like someone else we know well I enjoy a good fight every once in a while and just cannot back down or ignore certain things once challenged

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