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Re: aikikai yudansha exam cost

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The Aikikai have a scale of fees. In my case, I calculate the fees payable and send the money in cash. For the overseas organizations that I look after, the Aikikai send an invoice, which states how much they have to pay. This is always given in Japanese yen.


Aikikai membership costs 4200 yen.
The fee for processing the shodan examination is 5250 yen.
The fee for the yudansha passport is 1050 yen.
There is a miscellaneous fee of 1000 yen and a stamp is put at the back of the yudansha passport at each dan grading.

This comes to 11,500 yen and the exchange rate on my iMac Dashboard gives 150 US dollars and 45 cents.

In my dojo, students become members of the Aikikai as soon as they take their first kyu grade, even the little kids who start at 10th kyu. So the 4200 is added at this point. Accordingly, for the student who received his shodan, I paid 7300 yen.

The Aikikai had a system for returning half the fees to the dojo, but in my case, when we did this, the Aikikai returned half the money. So the above is what we send now.
EDIT: The dojo could keep this half for their own expenses.

A fee of 30,000 yen seems very excessive to me.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Are you sure you got that right Peter? I got my Shodan last year, and I vaguely remember it being double that, with half going back to the dojo. The amount that you quoted would be the amount that gets sent to Aikikai. I think...
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