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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

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Firstly let's clear the scene. The thread was dead. No one was having much to do with it. I thought I'd get it going again. (who knows, maybe I felt sorry for Dan as he had started a thread and not many felt willing to participate) I respect those who start threads. In plain English, at that point in time there was no discussion active. don't
I have asked you politely and respectfully not to engage me or my discussions. Essentially, to leave me alone. You continue to force me to tolerate you, unwillingly and there is not much I can do about it . Where is your statement of respect toward others?

I was communicating to Dan or referring to him and giving him the chance to offer his opinion. An exploratory comment. Any inference was me inferring that Ueshiba's Aikido was based on Kotodama.
I have no interest in reading your views on anything relating to Martial arts, nor responding to you about them or hearing your replies. Please leave me alone
Notice there are no angry words, no sarcasm, nothing inferred, no insults...just another polite request for you to leave.
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