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graham christian
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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

Patrick Hutchinson wrote: View Post
Graham: why ask you to clarify?

Because a gnomic little interjection like that doesn't really come to grips with the discussion. It's like my 8 year-old saying "Yeah, but what about string theory, huh?"

Perhaps Chris does understand the reference. I'd certainly like to be enlightened as to what they are and how they relate to Dan's thesis.

And when you add "just maybe," to your comment, I infer that you're implying that you believe they are indeed related, and that you think the relationship is obvious.

So please explain. Thank you.

Mmmm. A gnomic interjection? Ha, ha.

Firstly let's clear the scene. The thread was dead. No one was having much to do with it. I thought I'd get it going again. (who knows, maybe I felt sorry for Dan as he had started a thread and not many felt willing to participate) I respect those who start threads. In plain English, at that point in time there was no discussion active.

Secondly the title is meant to be what it says no? So various views on power from various sources are open to discussion not just one persons.

Thirdly may I congratulate you on having such an inquisitive and educated son.

Fourthly it may or may not relate to Dan's personal thesis. It relates to the subject.

Fifthly, I was communicating to Dan or referring to him and giving him the chance to offer his opinion. An exploratory comment. Any inference was me inferring that Ueshibas Aikido was based on Kotodama.

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