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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Someone asked me the other day where I learned that 'healing thing' I do and it got me wondering. I learned Ki-atsu in Aikido many years ago and now am very confident in my use of it but for some reason I've never really considered how many Aikido people do it?

So I suddenly had a few interesting questions I'd like to ask. Personally I've found it to be amazing for Ki developement and indeed reality so it led me to wan't to ask the following:

1) Does anyone personally do Ki-atsu and would like to say in what way it helps them in Aikido?

2) Does anyone have any personal experience of Ki-atsu and would like to share it?

Hi Graham,
Kenshiro Abbe, 8th Dan Judo did Ki Atsu.
Mostly in respect to recovery from strangulations.Sekiya Sensei also promoted a type of Ki Atsu/Do-In.Usually he would do this to relax students after a hard session.Other treatment I have experienced personally is Moxabustion.Cupping is also used on occasion.
Certain kokyu breathing techniques are also used as self healing methods.I found Moxa treatment to be very effective.
Cheers, Joe.
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