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Re: Aikido: Discussions of power

You cannot in fact harmony without in yo ho residing in yourself.
This is something which your founder continually stressed, it is an old concept and....
It is a teaching -that so far- I have never heard come out of the mouth of a living Aikido teacher, nor read in an interview, nor seen laid out in theory, practice or application on film.

"Manifest yo (yang) in the right hand, change the left hand to in (yin) and guide the opponent."

This of course directly relates to Chinese arts
Hon Jun Sheng:
I realized then that Chen Xin's model of the Host hand and guest hand; where the guest hand receives and the host hand guides in perfect balance.

Ueshiba again:
<念>にもとづき『気の妙用』をはかるには、まず五体の左は武の基礎、右は宇宙の受ける気結びの現われる土台であると心得よ。この左・右の気結びがおのずから成就すれば、 あとの動きは自由自在となる。
"In order to achieve the mysterious workings of ki based upon intent, first realize the appearance of the foundation that is the ki connection (ki musubi) between the left side of the physical body grounded in the martial and the right that receives the universe. If you can achieve this connection between the left and the right then you will be able to move with complete freedom."

There are many more of these.

Of course these simple rules give way to depth and sophisticated methodology that remains consistent regardless of speed or pressures. Most people who are honest in their own practice know they cannot produce their vaunted "harmony" and control they are looking for under stress. They know they have to rely on too much cooperation. It is this deficit in understanding that is slowly redefining the art to fit this new standard or requirement. It is one that Ueshiba never had face or to consider.
It is because we fail to understand Aiki in yo ho
Which by the way is the cornerstone of Daito ryu, where he first learned its secrets.
"Takeda opened my eyes to true budo."

So from China, to Koryu to Daito ryu, to Aikido
All "Hidden In Plain Sight."
What has become incredibly clear and certain is that Ueshiba Morihei was reciting prior works and understanding that fueled his arts. Many of his Doka..were not his at all.


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