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Re: Who brought the Saito a.k.a. Iwama lineage to Europe?

Eddy Wolput wrote: View Post
When Kanetsuka came to Antwerp Belgium ( around1977/78) he thaught jo and ken, and i remember he was using his feet in a different way (more yoshinkan) then Saito in the jo kata and the ken suburi. I can't remember if he explained about the origin of the use of Ken and Jo. But I remember the scenario of the kata were the same as Saito. Around the same time we had a member (vietnamese I think) who trained with Sekiya, but he didn't do much weapons. A lot of suwari waza and kokyu ho.

Mr Wolput,

When I trained with MKS in the early days (when I began training regularly in Ryushinkan), I think his Yoshinkan antecedents showed very clearly. But Saito Sensei emphasized the feet and hips (the importance of hanmi) and what Sekiya called shumoku no ashi. So I think MKS adjusted his posture. There was a full length mirror in the Ryushinkan dojo (and also at his dojo at home) and we were constantly being told to check our posture.

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