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Re: Who brought the Saito a.k.a. Iwama lineage to Europe?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Peter,
I may be wrong but I would find it difficult to believe the assertion that Chiba Sensei stopped Sekiya Sensei from teaching Kesa giri movements.I say this because when I trained in San Diego Aikikai
Chiba Sensei was teaching kesa giri exercises.Check out You tube.
Vids were put up by Hadronica without asking my permission.
These vids came from my own collection.Cheers, Joe
Hello Joe,

This thread is about Saito Sensei's aiki-ken and aiki-jo in Europe (including the UK). It was Alex who mentioned the teaching of kesa-giri and the influence of Sekiya Sensei.

I do not think K Chiba intended to stop M Sekiya from teaching kesa-giri movements, but I believe he did stop him teaching such movements as part of kashima shinryu kata during aikido classes. In my experience at Ryushinkan, Sekiya Sensei and certainly Kanetsuka Sensei practised and taught kesa-giri as part of the kashima shinryu kata during aikido classes and this is what Chiba Sensei found unacceptable.

Yours sincerely,

P Goldsbury

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