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Re: Who brought the Saito a.k.a. Iwama lineage to Europe?

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
Kanetsuka Sensei was certainly very familiar with Saito Sensei's books, and had had some direct contact with him (I know Saito visited him at his home in London), although to my knowledge he didn't train at Iwama. In 1980 we had the whole series of "Traditional Aikido" in the dojo in Oxford and Kanetsuka Sensei appeared to know them almost by heart. He was also teaching the 13 and 31 jo katas, but I don't remember him showing much aiki-ken.
Hello Alex,

He practised the whole range of Aiki-ken in his Ryushinkan Dojo in London. I was his partner at a demonstration held in London, with Chiba Shihan present. It was Chiba S who put a stop to M Sekiya's kesa-giri training in aikido classes. The only thing MKS did not teach was the paired 31 jo kata.

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