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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

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My receptive teacher met him and stayed with us at one of our camps to support me during my test and all... She didn't form a very good opinion of him, but perhaps that's because I poisoned her initial thoughts.
When you're in a positive relationship, you won't "poison" other people's impressions of it.

Friends and teachers are great mirrors. If they tell you that someone (a teacher, but also a boyfriend or a business colleague) is bad news, they're usually reflecting back what you already know but don't want to admit to yourself. Listen to them.

All of that aside, I've also found that as I've gained more experience, I've become more and more discerning in my understanding of "good aikido" and "good dojos." Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that this was the right dojo for you six years ago, there's no shame in admitting that your needs and goals have changed and it's time to move on.

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