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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

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Where is his email listed? Do I just go through the "contact us" message thing?

His next victim won't listen anyway. I saw how his previous deshi suffered. For some reason I thought it won't happen to me, because he appears very nice and caring in the beginning. His deshi left. I took over. Although she comes back from time to time nowadays.

My receptive teacher met him and stayed with us at one of our camps to support me during my test and all... She didn't form a very good opinion of him, but perhaps that's because I poisoned her initial thoughts.

That's true. I will print this out. Good idea.

Yes, I've never wanted another teacher. I could only imagine myself being his student. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think, after watching some videos from another dojo, I've convinced myself that I like it better. I'm gonna check out their classes soon

Thanks everyone, again!
I gave you some very good advice in the the beginning of this thread based on my initial understanding of what was going - that advice remains the same. However, it has become evident that you have a much more serious problem and issue to deal with based on what has been divulged in subsequent posts in this thread.

You have been given advice from some professionals that have a lot of real life experience in abusive situations, and from my lay person's observation, you are also exhibiting classic behavior of denial as well as trying to find support for that denial by posting in this thread.

You absolutely MUST leave that relationship to start your healing - and yes, you need some healing since you have been groomed for so long, you need to be un-groomed so to speak. Just leaving and going to another dojo will eliminate the present problem, but unless you seek professional help in this area, you will be ripe for it to happen again in your future.

I hope the best for you, but you need to make the right decisions now to get your life back on a positive track.

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