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WHY do I like AIkiWeb?

Shee-it, man. Because Aikiweb ROCKS. Because it's fun and thought-provoking and insightful and alive. Because youm Jun, are one helluva aikidoka and will be a great teacher one day (and I shit you not). And because whether or not I get an Aikiweb t-shirt, Aikiweb has informed, illuminated and enhanced my budo.

I like Aikiweb because it's community, it's old friends and new, it's memories of the dear departed (George and Ubaldo, among others, may you enjoy your next adventure as much as you enjoyed this one!), and promise for growth for aikidoka and budoka young and old.

Because it's fair, and impartial and inclusive. Because it offers something for everyone and because Jun has worked had to keep it that way, when it would be easy for him to let it slide towards one point of view or the other. Because it is rigorously open-minded and delightfully funny.

I like Aikiweb because it's a warm, comfortable piece of home whilst I'm stationed 5,000 miles away from my home.

It's communication and information and debate and sharing.

I like Aikiweb because it IS.


Forget the damn t-shirt, Jun, me boyko. Come visit and we'll buy YOU a t-shirt.

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