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Marc Abrams
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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

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It was a bitter laugh, not an actual one.

I just recently got that advice from my teacher, and I haven't had a chance to use it. The attacks from Sensei stopped for a good year while we talked only when necessary. Recently, I made the mistake of showing my care for him again and fell into his trap. Then I messed up by criticizing his decision along with some other students. Got another awful lecture, while the other students simply got talked to in a normal tone of voice. This is why I phoned my receptive teacher and got this new piece of advice that I haven't tested.

I paid to test. It was a federation testing fee. I tested, got the rank, and am waiting for the Hombu certificate to arrive.

Meanwhile, I'll start checking out other dojos, I already emailed one of them about possible training. But I would like this topic deleted if possible. Some people might identify me. Thank you everyone who contributed. I really appreciate everyone's care and willingness to respond although I know that I'm really stubborn and hard to convince. I assure you not to worry, you guys helped me make the right decision.
Send a private mail to Jun Aikiyama and ask him to remove the thread. The sad part of deleting this thread is that what happened to you is likely to happen to his next victim. Silence only serves to reinforce and support this teacher's unacceptable behaviors.

Good Luck at your new dojo!

Marc Abrams
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