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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

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Sorry Anonymous, but I've heard all the excuses over the years. "He really loves me, but he's just under so much stress since he lost his job." "I know he doesn't like pea soup and I forgot and served it tonight for dinner and he just lost his temper."..

...I certainly could be wrong, but this is classic grooming behavior and it looks like you ain't being groomed for godan. Talk to your parents, talk to that receptive teacher you mentioned.
Hahaha, yes, those stupid kinds of excuses keep popping in my head.

The receptive teacher tells me to leave but also to try telling him, "I will not be spoken to like this" and walking away when he gets nasty.

I can't leave just yet. I'm waiting for my Dan certificate. Otherwise it's $400 down the drain, and I'm a college student, it's a lot for me. I don't think he'll give it to me if I leave. I think I can hold out for a bit of time that's left. We can just ignore each other for now, like we did for about a year some time ago, when I spent more time working (for money) for my receptive teacher as opposed to "helping out the dojo" and acted like I didn't care about him.
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