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Deb Fisher
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Re: the yoga connundrum...

I honestly think it has to do with the perceived "usefulness" of yoga. Ask anyone who does pay (as I have and I am POOR) $10 a class five or six times a week and they will tell you that their yoga solves a lot of problems in their lives, from constipation to injuries from other sports to anxiety blah blah blah...

When I was spending a quarter of my monthly income on yoga, I thought it was worth every penny, and I was reminded of that during every class, when my teachers would ennumerate the benefits of each asana.

Aikido seems to have a very different mindset. We all know it's good for us, in a lot of the same ways yoga's good for us, but for reasons I don't quite understand we don't **value** it in the same reflexive way.

Deb Fisher
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