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Re: Report from the Front


I once was visiting a Chicago dojo and mentioned a suburban dojo to a senior member. He got very upset. The group from the suburban dojo had come from the dojo I was visiting and there was some bad feelings on their "departure". I'd like to note that the suburban dojo was still a member of the same organization and had the same Shihan. If people treat others like this within their own organizaton, how would they treat someone from a completely different group?[Edited by tedehara on August 26, 2000 at 09:49pm]
This is exactly the type of bad karma people pass on from one generation to another. It is the fault of the teachers involved to let that type of thing happen but it also the willingness of the students to take on all their teacher's baggage that makes it possible.

I make it a point to draw all my own conclusions personally. I am great friends with other Aikido teachers who are from very different backgrounds and we have agreed that it would be silly to carry on the conflicts from a previous generation as if they were our own.

Years ago I went to Hombu dojo for a week to train. This was before Saotome sensei and the ASU were back under the wing of the home dojo. Saotome Sensei gave me various letters of introduction and I was extremely cordially received. I was able to take extensive ukemi from Doshu and Osawa Sensei and just had a tremendous time. But when I was in the locker room the other Americans were busy trying to figure out who I was and where in their universe I fit in. Finally one came up and actually read the kanji on my belt. It was Saotome Sensei's own belt that he had given me on the occasion of my San dan test. This fellow actually had the temerity to suggest that I keep it covered up as my affiliation with Saotome Sensei was a problem.

This little minded fellow was quite busy trying to perpetuate a conflict that he was far to young to even understand and that his seniors were at that moment trying to reconcile. It was laughable. As if I would train anywhere that I had to hide my relationship with my teacher.

People look for any excuse to find fault with others because it defines them in their own minds when they are actually very insecure.It is completely unnecessary and just shows off ones openings to the world.

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