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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

Well that line I said shouldn't have been taken too literally, but it's good you did a self analysis like that.

Surely after evaluating all that you've done, you've already come to a conclusion on what's going on. Did you come here seeking validification? From peers or are you looking for father figures or big sisters to 'support' your decision?

If it's that, then I think you need to buck up and listen to yourself more. Trust your instincts (and develop them) more.

So many have warned you about the danger of secrecy that your Sensei is proposing. Especially now its clear that you are of opposite sex and that you are younger to him. Again I don't want to jump the gun. But since you've basically have all the puzzles in place, you should know better what's happening.

All i can tell you is that being scolded by your teacher makes you embarrassed but equally motivated to do better. If it doesn't and instead makes you feel bad going to worst, then something is wrong somewhere.

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