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Mario Tobias
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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

There are many more teachers out there that are much better than your teacher.

People who abuse verbally are apt to abuse physically also, so it might lead to serious injuries. Similar to physical abuse, verbal abuse leads to injuries in character. There is a difference between your sensei pushing you to the limit and abusing you. Know what the signs are and become objective in your analysis. Know what his intentions in giving you rewards. Was he sincere or is he doing it to make you feel guilty later. I'd be very careful if I were you and have serious thoughts about transferring to another dojo.

A sensei should be a role model. If you were to become one, would you like to become your present sensei?

The search for your "real" sensei is part and parcel of your journey in aikido. It will be a long search but ultimately your paths will cross. The world will not end when you decide to transfer....

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