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Re: Tohei's resignation letter to the aikikai

If you are already a paid subscriber to the AJ regular site, then there is a link there to have your membership transferred to the new pay site.

Stan has made this new venture a pay site because he intends to put the bulk of his lifetime's work and wealth of Aikido and Daito-Ryu information (interviews, articles, photos, etc.) on that site. It is an incredible amount of work that will take years to catalog and post, but Stan wants to make sure that this irreplaceable material will survive him and be available to us in some durable fashion, so he has dedicated himself to this enormous task. The paid memberships will enable him to offset the cost of the doing.

I urge everybody who has the means to support him in this fashion, because there is history there, and many of us would never know these things about Aikido without this resource.
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