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Jørgen Jakob Friis (JJF) wrote:
Where I come from (Denmark) the problem is basically that if you want to make a living out of teaching Aikido you cut away any possibility of support from the city funds and since housing costs and tax levels are so high you would need a student body much higher than what you should be able to gather even in the largest cities.
Or you need to raise your prices substantially, which is difficult when everybody else is teaching for free.

But is this necessarily a bad thing only - that the clubs are non-profit?

I heard a Japanese shihan saying at the end of the seminar, "none of you will become professional aikido teacher. But you are better than many strange teachers out there". Well, I don't suppose he referred all of us.

People say that after many years of training, it gets harder and harder to continue developing in your aikido. If aikido makes your bread and butter, maybe there's yet another reason not to change your pedagogics and methods as a teacher risking losing students while trying new things out... but rather to stick with the recipe that you found works.

I suggest that there are good things in keeping aikido as a hobby rather than a profession.

Just a thought.


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