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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
My teacher, Imaizumi Sensei, was the #2 person under Tohei Sensei for a substantial period of time. Henry Ellis' description of Abe Sensei doing Ki-atsu is almost identical to that which Imaizumi Sensei did and does. This is both through observation, and personal experiences of having him work on me.

It is logical to conclude that Graham's teacher did not have first hand experience from Tohei Sensei in how to do Ki-atsu, let alone teach it, but merely made assumptions based upon what he thought that he knew. This is yet another instance of Graham continuing down a path based on incorrect assumptions.

Henry, do you know who Abe Sensei learned ki-atsu from?


Marc Abrams
Marc. Once again you show your strange logic. Tell me if you would some rules, principles, to be followed in Kiatsu as per Tohei.

As far as I know the techniques of dealing with dislocations etc. were around for centuries especially in martial arts, hence the need for and general use for them by senior instructors. these were nothing to do with Kiatsu. Therefore calling them Kiatsu is more of a colloquialism, a bit generalized. Not strictly Kiatsu.

My brother in law is an osteopath and I have done Aikido with a chiroprachter who knew all the techniques to do with such things but neither would profess any knowledge of Kiatsu.

Bottom line is that it is simply to do with the art and practice of extending Ki. Full stop. To compare it to anything in the western world or indeed eastern for that matter would be to call it colloquially a form of 'healing hands' or if you want to get into technical pathways of Ki in the body then you could see a possible connection with acupuncture or acupressure etc. in theory.

Anyway, if certain instructors found it best just to class their skills or communicate them as Kiatsu for ease of communication then so be it.

Finally I will offer a short story, very recent, and not mine but one I cherish. My brother in law, also Aikido teacher and best friend recently went to visit our old teacher due to my hearing that something was up. He found on visiting that he had been and was very ill and although no longer in hospital was unable to teach or do much at all. As he told me he said he looked very frail and ghostly looking and all the family were very worried.

Bob, my friend, got all the diagnosis details and checked up the medications to get a picture of what the scene was, talked to the family and offered his help. (he is also a qualified homeopath) He then proceeded to give him a feww sessions of spiritual Kiatsu over the period of a week. At the end of the week Mike was up and running again. Bob meanwhile got a nutritional plan and diet plan from one of his associates, bought him a blender and instructed his wife on how to make some 'live energy' drinks with it to rehabillitate the intestines. By the end of the second week he was back in the dojo teaching, his dojo is now a building in his garden. He hadn't personally been able to teach there for months.

He of course was very happy with things once again and pleased with the progress of his old student. For me it only served to validate our progress and I joked to our friends how the student had returned to help the master in a time of need and thus I cherish that particular episode.

As usual with comments made by the uninformed I just smile for I know the in life actions and results and my way and my path.

Life is good.

Regards G.
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