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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

I think that what is being discussed is the difference between the skills acquired by pre WW11 teachers and those who practice the methods in Tohei's Kiatsu book.

Prior to WW11 most Japanese martial artists would have been exposed to various ‘traditional' therapies such as Seikotsu for bone setting, Anma, Se Tai So, acupressure, moxa, meridian therapy and acupuncture, This was the Japanese medicine of the time and was commonly used in MA dojos to treat injuries and was often a normal part of MA training. They were very effective therapies and could either be simple or sophisticated depending on the level of training, or interest, of the practitioner. Bone setting, for example, is still practiced in Japan and is covered by insurance- whereas Chiropractic isn't.

Teachers such as Abbe Sensei would have had a lot of exposure to the rich history of Traditional Japanese Medicine so its not surprising that he could perform the feats described by Henry Sensei - but they are far removed from the Kiatsu that Graham is talking about.
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