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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post

From your videos I have seen and commented on your interpretation of Aikido, I cannot comment as have not seen your interpretation of Kiatsu - I am a little concerned as you state
your Kiatsu fits in perfectly with the way you do Aikido.
Kiatsu can be beneficial in good hands - it can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.
May I ask who taught you your Kiatsu ?


Henry Ellis
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Hi Henry.
At first I wondered what you were on about especially saying how it's dangerous in the wrong hands.

However, seeing your explanations I see where you're coming from.

I also witnessed various handlings done my teacher back in the eighties. The ones where he was doing manipulations seemed normal to us but when he did light touches to release aches and pains and tense necks etc' we wondered what the hell it was. He told us it was Kiatsu and would just say it's to do with Ki.

Five years later through our continuous questioning he decided two of us could start learning it.

He introduced us to a book by Tohei called Kiatsu and the following week started us on a programme after training, once a week, learning Kiatsu.

Different to how you describe in as much as it wasn't so much to do with manipulations but more to do with using Ki to relax tenseness in the body and inducing the other persons Ki to flow.

Having said that we were also taught how to, once we had relaxed the muscles and tendons in the shoulders and neck and back to then using two thumbs run down the spine to check the alignment of the vertebrae and thus what to do there including how to crick the neck etc.

Emphasis however as per Toheis book was learning how to relax anothers body and thus how to unblock trapped Ki.

His attitude therefore was not the same as Abbe Sensei but more like the attitude of Tohei Sensei. So it is the art of relaxing using Ki and thus speeds up healing and rejuvanates the persons energy.

Practicing this way led to the developement of great focus and centre for the practitioner for the best results come from lightly touching, ie: not pressure as in lots of forms of shiatsu.

Thus done with full attention and correctly you can detect the areas of locked Ki and release them without force much like Aikido. The theory being that the locked or blocked Ki is what is prventing the body healing properly.

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