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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

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Thanks, Sensei.

Too bad you can't link a photo, but you gave a great picture with words. I can see Abbe Sensei coming out of that room with your father following!

I was taught to direct my ki into an injured area, but not long after that, we were told to forget about ki, don't think about it, don't talk about it, just do technical practice. Loooking back, we got a lot of good technical training, but I think it was a mistake to delete the teachings on ki.

Were you able to make your US visit this year?

Best to you.


The photos may be on site soon, thanks to an offer from Hugh Beyer.

You say that you were told to forget about Ki, not to talk about it, that is how it was with Abbe Sensei, after a given time of training Ki is a part of your daily Aikido, and applied as such, why keep talking about it as if it is an added extra.

Another story.
Abbe Sensei was travelling down Chiswick High Rd London in the back of a car, there was a serious traffic jam, above the tops of the cars one could see a large red London bus at an angle across the road.
After a few minutes Abbe Sensei got out of the car and headed to the scene of the accident, there was a large Alsation with its hindquaters trapped under the front wheel, the dog sounded like a pack of wolves.
Abbe Sensei approached and was told to leave by a police officer, he said something and was allowed to approach the dog, he touched the dogs head and sudenly the dog was quiet, and just as the dog went quiet Abbe Sensei made a slight movent of his hand and the dog was dead.
The police officer said to Sensei, I don't know what you did ? but that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
Abbe Sensei got back in the car and simply said " necessary drive on ".
I have not yet visited the USA as I have a chest infection that seven courses of antibiotics will not shift, and I am not and never was a smoker .........


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