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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

David Orange wrote: View Post
Sir T, you mentioned elsewhere that you had some early training in kiatsu.
Would you be so kind as to tell us some things about that training and the purpose of kiatsu as you were taught?
To your health.

Hi David

In the 1950s all dan grades for Aikido and Judo were taught Kiatsu by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei.
Mark Freeman. message 2. Mark is a present day student of Williams Sensei and gives an excellent reply to the op.
We were taught to treat minor injuries and strains /dislocations. The worst dislocation I ever saw at the Hut Dojo was a dislocated elbow from a bad ukemi - I would not have touched it, Williams Sensei dealt with it immediatley, I was impressed.
Massage and manipulation can often help the injured body.

In 1961 in conversation with with Abbe Sensei I told him that my father had a lower back injury and was unable to get off the bed, the doctor said there was nothing they could do other than lay him on hard bed and several weeks rest.
The problem was, we were booked to go to Spain the next day. Abbe Sensei insisted I take him to see may father. After introducing my father to Sensei, we ( myself and Bill Woods ) were asked to leave the room.
a few minutes later the door opened and out came Abbe Sensei followed by my father. We, the family went to Spain the next day.

I see Kiatsu as an asset to my Aikido like my Gi and the mats and the dojo.
I was going to add a photo of Abbe Sensei teaching Kiatsu but I don't know how.
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