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Eva Antonia
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Re: Being an Uke/Nage

Dear all,

when someone blocks my technique it's generally because I made an error. If it's someone more experienced than I am he generally explains where was the error. If it's a newbie then he blocks instinctively or by coincidence and I have to find out the reason myself or ask the teacher what it might be. Sometimes I just change the technique and do something else, which usually works thanks to the surprise effect. If uke has conditioned himself to block technique A, he might be completely defenseless when this is turned into technique B.

I never came across someone blocking a technique out of pain. Pain gets worse if you block, so I suppose an uke in pain would loosen his grip instinctively. If it's a newbie, no one would apply whatever painful technique in a way the newbie could damage himself by blocking the technique. (resisting sankyo or such...). At least no one I know...

Best regards,

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