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Re: how long does it take aikido to work

Keith Gates wrote: View Post
I would gather by the nature of your question you are quite new to Aikido.

There is a lot of debate generally from inexperienced people about techniques working/not working in this or that scenario.

These types of discussions are rarely all that fruitful, knowing this most experienced Aikidoka wont take part.

Everybody interprets Aikido in there own way.

For me Aikido techniques teach principles and ways of moving around power without fighting against it.
Through the process I have found myself more connected physically and mentally more composed.

The principles of moving around power / letting the power move around you without becoming unsettled can be applied to lots of different non physical situations. When we are attacked either verbally or physically it is natural to tense up. This encumbers our movements and our ability to react in an appropriate manner.

Aikido is like a physical Zen Koan there is really no right answer it is an illuminating process of self discovery.
Don't be too concerned with the end result, just as a musician doesn't look for the end of the piece of music but enjoys the journey, or when you read a book you are not hurriedly trying to get to the end of the book. It is a process not a destination.

Remember with one eye on your next grading you only have one eye on your training. It is a process not a destination.

Q. How long does it take to work?
A. It is working every time you train.
Hi Keith,

That's an excellent answer to a difficult question.



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