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Re: Being an Uke/Nage

Uke and nage are 'roles' to aid the learning process. Without each other learning Aikido will be near impossible.

Also, uke learns far more than nage from receiving techniques be it poorly executed or well performed. The caveat being he does his job well. In many combat arts you learn from failing to 'win' against your teacher. You pass when the roles are 'reversed' so to speak.

Thus, don't lament your ability as nage, but learn from your uke. And try out what you've learned as an uke. If nage can do those things you can't in a way that's congruent to aikido principles, then there you go.

Personally I'd like to learn where my mistakes are. But this rule applies, resistance appropriate to skill. You won't teach beginners much by locking em out.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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