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Just a thought: perhaps the solution would be to have rich people adopting Aikido dojo's as 'pet projects'. After all I believe that many VIP's help O-sensei getting the right contacts and perhaps fundings as well, and I have heard rumors that both judo and kendo have been supported by rich people - some even thought to be connected to the Yakuza.

Think about it! In the US there should be a lot of potential in that idear. eg 'The Baldwin brothers Aikikai' or 'Jack Nicholson Yoshinkan'

Perhaps large companies could be pursuaded as well - for example 'IBM Aiki' (blue belt for yudansha's) or 'Starbucks Aiki dojo chain' where everybody have to wear brown gi's and hakamas.

Sorry - got a bit carried away there.....

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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