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Re: moving the goal post

Andrew Macdonald wrote: View Post
anothe example of what happen is duing an irimi, if we don't control the arm in a way he wants it is not uncommon to get an elbow in the face from that arm. again i understan that we have to contorl and unbalance but at the same time it that really a natural response or a response by soem one who knows where i am going to be. at a certain point.
If he can elbow you in the face during an irimi, it's probably a completely natural reaction from an uke who knows what he's doing and you're probably open. Either take it as feedback and fix your technique, or decide this is not the teacher for you.

And yeah, when you're working with your sensei the rules are different. It's perfectly legitimate for him to show you your openings even if he doesn't want you doing that to people you practice with. In theory anyway, he knows the difference between taking fair advantage of an opening and taking unfair advantage of knowing what the technique is going to be.

Get good enough so that he can't find an opening to hit you with. Then argue with him about his teaching methods.
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