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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: moving the goal post

Well er... Thanks

I clear about who the teacher is. but i am worried that he is just kinda throwing in punches and kick for his own ego rather than for any real teaching methods

like i said, In other clubs I am always very clear when it is teachnique training and when it is all in

The teacher now seems to switch gears when he feels like it. I kinda fnd this a little silly even from a practical sense as he is giving me one thing to do and then reacting to what he knows wht is coming.

anothe example of what happen is duing an irimi, if we don't control the arm in a way he wants it is not uncommon to get an elbow in the face from that arm. again i understan that we have to contorl and unbalance but at the same time it that really a natural response or a response by soem one who knows where i am going to be. at a certain point.
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