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Re: Doka and thoughts on Love

Hello Allen,

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
That was my motivation for posting, nothing more.
Absolutely. However, you also have readers and they bring different experiences to what you write, which is one of the great advantages of forums like Aikiweb. When I read your OP, I immediately thought of St Paul's letters, for he did not believe that eros, agape, etc were manifestations of a single reality.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Will you be soon further elucidating your views on O-sensei and Omoto? You've spoiled me you know.
Well, I would like to wait until I have had chance to penetrate Reikai Monogatari in more depth than I have done so far. O Sensei was present on some occasions when Deguchi dictated this and I he gather read and annotated parts of the work.

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Kind regards,
Best wishes,


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