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Marc Abrams
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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Niall Matthews wrote: View Post
I gave a specific example from kobudo and it's bull? But I thought you didn't do aikido. Difficult to tell really because you don't post a profile or a video as someone else pointed out. A couple of people have told me positive things about meeting you in person which is why I didn't just hit the ignore button immediately. Well I doubt if jazz musicians pay much attention to the opinions of folk musicians about jazz either.

Who is giving A's here or anywhere? If you treat people with respect you can be constructive without being derogatory. When this was first posted I sent Graham a list of technical points to think about. It's up to him whether he wants to. But aikido is big enough and wide enough and deep enough to embrace many philosophies and approaches, not just the ones you or I think are best.

In fact maybe this discussion is just a difference in philosophy. You seem to think that there are a lot of bad aikidoka out there. Well I don't. Just aikidoka who don't understand very well yet. If they keep training sincerely they will one day. If they are not training sincerely now maybe they will one day.

I don't agree with the point about videos of softer styles ruining the reputation of aikido. Serious budoka know that there are some great aikidoka. Who cares what other people think.

You have met several people who have had "hands on" with Dan. Have you met anybody who has had "hands on" with the original poster? Opinions of people you know should indicate something.

Uncle Darwin is handing out grades. The world history of conflicts is filled with the graves of many who could not adequately do and less so of those who could do. Those that could do passed on skill sets, knowledge, etc... Regardless of how big or small the "Aikido umbrella" is, there is still the underlying reality that cannot be escaped. Does it genuinely work? Is it budo? Dan and others are not talking about philosophy, but about the work product.

Toby Threadgill's teacher talked about practicing something wrong 1 million times does not make you any better. Training sincerely in the wrong direction usually never helps.

As far as soft goes, I would venture to say that Dan is far softer in what he does that most people you will meet in the martial arts world. The genuine effectiveness of what he does more than speaks for itself. That is why so many well-informed people in the martial arts world train with him.

Henry Ellis neatly described one of the many perceive "problems" with the original poster: You really do undermine the knowledge and experience that many posters on this forum have, to suggest that `` only you understand what is being done `` ..It is obvious to me what is being done - not much.

Pretty much sums it up in my book. Oh well, off to change for a day of working with Dan....

Marc Abrams
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