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Re: Why is Easy So Hard to Learn?

Adam Frank wrote: View Post
After reading your article I began thinking about how you let yourself be happy. How did you do it?
Thanks for thinking and asking about it.

IMHO, happiness first is a choice, a decision to be happy.

Next, happiness is a internal mental attitude, not external accomplishment or possession.

Then is the daily discipline of staying positive. When the mind wonders to negativity, gently bring it back to trying to see the positive intention behind thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

This is not denial of the negatives (which usually just means it isn't the way you want it to be), but being aware and accepting (not necessarily understanding, liking, or agreeing), and then choosing how to respond (not just reacting from historical patterns).

IMHO, its unrealistic and undesirable to be "happy" all the time. But it is very possible to learn to be an optimist.


Again, thanks for reading and asking.

Hope it helps.

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