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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: moving the goal post


thanks for you reply

1. yes, it is full strikes that have drawn blood before, and also kick to the groin etc.

again i have no issue with that so much as long as it is stated at the beginning of the session that we will be training in such a way. not stated that we will be looking at this technique and then way hey.

2. in reality there are no rules, yes we all know this, this is not a question about reality. it is a question of what i see as an odd teaching technique. again if it is an open shot i don;t mind, but i want to know about it first, again in other styles (non sport based, i haven't done sport based martialarts for years) we limit ourseleves to say, only stayingon the ground, for me it is not acceptable for then the teacher to jump to his feet and stomp on my head with the theory i should be ready
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