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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: moving the goal post

i don't mind people focusing on and pointing put my opening i guess it is in the manner that it is being done.

if for example sensei came through with a blistering tsuki that i didn't get out the way of in time and floored me, well ok i'll do better. if on the other hand we are doing the single attacks and working on the techniques for that single attack. out of nowhere a fist come flying at me, without any sort of verbal correction or even focus on that partof the technique before hand i believe there is a small issue. it amounts to possibley taking cheap shots

no i am an not saying i have no openings or that they should be pointed out or even that we should always stay on single attack. however, some sort of continuity should be there

for example in my karate days, some times we would spar to open rules, sometimes we would change the rules to work on something specific. At no time during the change of rules did that sensei break them just to make a point. but he could beat us within the rules he had set

no i know that in reality there are no rules. but in training we can put rules or guidlines in to learn something. other wise why have training on techniques, or even why specified attacks. just let even one jump in and fight
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