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Re: moving the goal post

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right o

I am a little upset. there seems to be something not very fair happening

when practicing a technique for example tsuki, and my partner will do say an irimi (just a random example)

so in the middle of practice my teacher will stop me and ask me to do the technique. sensei will attack and as i am doing the technique will punch or kick me agina on the way through. to demostrate i am open

of course later in the class and classes before we are told that uke should just throw the attack and not be tricky about it

no i understand senseis point, of should should n't be open to an extent, but change the rules just to suit himself is a little bit too far.

i.e. i have to throw a technique and freeze while nage moves around me, but sensei can break any rules to make things fit.

just to add i was a competitive fighter and have had a few scrapes (some good soem not so good, from my point of view) and i don;t really mind getting hit/taught by my teachers. but other teachers that i have had have been able to do things like that without bending thier own rules

is this a normal way of teaching?
For me this depends on the kind of intent behind what he/she is trying to demonstrate. If you feel that the point is being made to demonstrate where you are open without an implication that there is something inherently incorrect in the attack then I'd say that is reasonable.

If on the other hand you feel that it is a complete contradiction and you are being held back from acting naturally and you can't contain the frustration, then you will need to decide if there is enough benefit from the lessons to work through the frustration. This teaching style may not suit or requirements.

Personally I hate it when you are asked to 'freeze' although it is often an absolutely essential learning mechanism. So I let it go and listen carefully to what I am being told whilst watching my ego to see if it is starting to act up. So whilst learning something martial I am also learning to monitor my own ego - two birds one stone.

Understanding that there are no 'rules' of engagement is after all the difference between competition/sport and a live encounter with heat, blood sweat and tears. Of course you know this as well as I do.

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