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Andrew Macdonald
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moving the goal post

right o

I am a little upset. there seems to be something not very fair happening

when practicing a technique for example tsuki, and my partner will do say an irimi (just a random example)

so in the middle of practice my teacher will stop me and ask me to do the technique. sensei will attack and as i am doing the technique will punch or kick me agina on the way through. to demostrate i am open

of course later in the class and classes before we are told that uke should just throw the attack and not be tricky about it

no i understand senseis point, of should should n't be open to an extent, but change the rules just to suit himself is a little bit too far.

i.e. i have to throw a technique and freeze while nage moves around me, but sensei can break any rules to make things fit.

just to add i was a competitive fighter and have had a few scrapes (some good soem not so good, from my point of view) and i don;t really mind getting hit/taught by my teachers. but other teachers that i have had have been able to do things like that without bending thier own rules

is this a normal way of teaching?
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