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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

Well perhaps we should consider Jonathan's thoughtful and carefully considered reply. Perhaps I am a coward.
Let's see
After 21 years of teaching MMA and weapons, after 316 students, after walking into rooms full of strangers -.786 Seminar attendees- some of whom were hostile and with no ukes of my own, (something which almost none of your teachers do, including Ueshiba, who traveled with his entourage) with 11 Shihan, Menkyo's, and so many 4 and 5th dans. and going head to head with ICMA master class teachers, and guys with established fight records...I think you need to make a more substantial and reasoned argument to be considered credible.
Maybe, just maybe, though it may seem incredible, there are other reasons I don't produce video.

My turn
So Jonathan, please continue to turn your discerning eye this way, if you please.
In your thoughtful and considered opinion;
1. After my strong opinions being voiced on the aiki arts for almost two decades, the same critiques that raised your ire, why do you suppose that I enjoy the support in those views by such a broad range of expert opinion who have met and trained with me? How does that happen Jonathan?
2. Since you also questioned my limiting my access?
Why do these teacherse; from Europe to Hawaii, from Seattle to Florida and their own students, now train with me?
3. Why am I doing this and limiting the small amount of money I make by keeping the numbers small (and getting yelled at for that to boot). Why Jonathan, am I keeping the numbers down to 20- 25per session?

4. Who do you know who learned budo correctly from video______________?

Since you cared to offer them so freely-care to enlighten us with more thoughtful views on these questions?

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