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Re: Aikido Failure

Hi Robin,

A teenaged Aikido student I once knew was asked to explain the fundamental essence of Aikido. His response was that Aikido was a practice that fostered the ability to respond to any circumstance in a way that would create the most good. I have always admired his amazingly thoughtful answer and have been humbled to try and to live up to this ideal.

A good portion of my own life seems to be on a path that I call, with some self irony, "The Way of the Mensch" and I can say from experience that trying to be helpful to other people is full of perils. For example (and I say this with all due tolerance), I have been spit at, reviled, misconstrued, blamed and once, while tending to an intoxicated woman I encountered lying in the middle of a frozen road, nearly bitten. I have also been thanked and repaid in kindness. I have also passed people by. So you might say that, for me, being a person of conscience is a bit of a pain. One never knows for sure what the outcome will be. That fact you are troubled by your experience comes with the territory and I believe that the world needs more people like you.

I have become more cautious over time and a bit more realistic and thus I like the post from Tim Ruijs where he lists his rules for helping someone in trouble. To these I would add:

5. for specific interventions, make sure you have the skill required by the situation to actually make a useful difference

I am sure that good can flow from people who are willing to be uncomfortable in service of their ideals. Also, a sense of humor helps. I wish you the best.

Don Hebert

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