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My partner was driving home late at night got lost and ended up in a rough part of town. Saw a lady staggering along, she turned the car around, it was late at night. By the time she made it to the lady she had collapsed. Turned out the lady had been mugged and stabbed. Lara stopped the bleeding gave CPR as she couldn't tell if she was still breathing. The Ambulance staff stated that she would
have certainly died without help.
It is damm easy to say," it will be fine somebody else will deal with it" it is much harder to set up out of your comfort zone and act. aikido or any MA can decrease fear and enable one to keep a level head, although choosing to act or not to act is a personal thing. Takes some moral backbone to set up sometimes.
At least you had an urge to help, sure next time you will !!!!!!

Henry is right of course. Keeping common sence and assessing the situation rationally is a tough call.

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