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Re: Aikido Failure

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Hi Henry,
I guess we do not live in a era when helping someone is the norm.I never saw old drunk guys get left on the pavement for hours when I was living in the Gorbals[as a boy].Somebody always lifted them home, merrily , I may add.People nowadays are inclined to pass by on the other side of the road.You could get murdered in the street in broad daylight and no onlooker would interfere.Sad state of affairs.
Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe

They were different times, today that drunk could be a junkie and a dangerous one at that, we didn't need to worry about aids either..
Being a good samaritan is not always rewarding - a friend of mine helped a drunk in trouble only to find he was later accused of stealing the grateful guys wallet..yeah - I guess we do live in different times.
If it is of any comfort - It will never get any better..


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