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Re: Aikido Failure

Hi Robin,
It was Xmas time, the snow was falling heavily and was bitter cold.I was driving along a road when I saw a figure approaching me. It was an elderly gent who was walking in manner that suggested he had a few drinks too much.
I drove passed him, felt a bit guilty and turned back and asked him if he wanted a lift home.He got into the car assisted by me.I then took him to his home.I knocked on the door and his wife answered .I told her I had brought her husband back and he was a bit under the weather.I helped him into his house , said good night and proceeded on my journey .I thought no more about the incident.
A week later I received a letter from the mans wife.She told me her husband had died.He was a haemophiliac and he knew the condition would kill him someday.She called me the Good Samaritan.I do not know how she acquired my postal address.
The above incident took place over twenty years ago.Every time I pass by the mans house I am reminded of the event.
Robin, I never assume that anyone in a bad way is drunk.It could be anything , a stroke, heart attack etc.The saying goes , there but for the grace of God go I.Do not feel bad about your decision , I am sure you will know how to act should a similar situation occur in the future. Cheers, Joe.
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